Safe and Trusted Bitcoin Mining Sites

Bitcoin Mining is a popular hobby- and in some cases, career- for a large number of people. However, there’s always risks when it comes to doing activities online and mining Bitcoins is no exception to this. It’s important when mining Bitcoins that you use the most reliable sites you can; here are some of the best ones.

Genesis Mining

When you’re doing your research into Bitcoin mining- and you really do have to do your research before you begin mining!- one name you’re bound to see cropping up quite regularly is Genesis Mining. Not only is it one of the safest and most highly trusted Bitcoin mining sites, but it is also one of the top mining sites in the industry too. In addition to this, they are the largest mining provider too, so really, you don’t have a reason not to use them! As far as their reliability goes, they have an excellent reputation, and their customer service line is open 24/7 so if you ever do encounter a problem, you can seek assistance straight away!


Another highly respected mining site within the Bitcoin industry is EOBOT. It’s not only highly secure and incredibly user-friendly, but it is also one the of the cheapest mining sites there is. You only need a minimum amount of $10 to start using the site, which is a very low cost indeed compared to a lot of other mining sites. EOBOT doesn’t just cater to Bitcoin either, but caters to several other cryptocurrencies, an advantageous feature for many professionals in the mining business!


Bitminer is one of the top names you’ll see popping up time and time again when discussing the best mining sites to use. It gets five stars in ever review for its reliability as a site, as well as for the support teams attitudes towards customer dilemmas too. In addition to this, it’s relatively cheap to use in comparison to other mining sites, which is always a plus. There’s also a lot of ways to boost the amount you’re mining within the site; Bitminer runs a referral program, and there’s also an interest scheme too. That’s right; you can gain interest on your bitcoins!


The name might leave you feeling a little dubious, but let’s end the doubt right here because Recyclix is one of the most reliable mining sites there is within the Bitcoin industry. Low in cost, quick to assist customers with issues and, of course, safe and trustworthy are all key elements to the site that push it to one of the top spots in the industry. It is often overlooked in favor of sites such as Genesis Mining, but you really shouldn’t forget about it!