Sites That Let You Spend Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of currency that is primarily used for online purchases (although you can buy physical Bitcoin too) and is a great alternate form of payment in online casinos. However, casinos aren’t the only place that Bitcoin can be spent. Here is a list of sites online that let you spend your Bitcoin in the same way you’d spend our cash.


If you’re looking to purchase yourself anything within the web hosting, domain name or server hosting region and wanted to make your payment using Bitcoin, 5Wire is the perfect place to do so.

Alliance Virtual Offices

The name is a bit of a spoiler alert, but Alliance Virtual Offices is a site you can purchase office space from while paying for it with Bitcoins.


If you fancy a bit of a flutter with your bitcoin then you might want to check out this bitcoin casino – MegaDice. It has slot machines and a smart dice game, giving you the chance to add more bitcoin to your stack.

AU Trading

Into shiny things? Have magpie tendencies? AU Trading has you covered, selling precious metals and collectible coins in exchange for Bitcoin payments.


As the name suggests, bitcointoyshop is indeed an online toy shop where you can pay for everything with Bitcoin currency.

Black Forest Vapes

There’s a correlation between people who smoke and people who gamble…however if you’re looking to give up smoking and spend the Bitcoin’s you’ve earned via gambling, head over to Black Forest Vapes. They sell E-Cigs, Vaping pens, E-Liquid and various other ‘fake’ smoking accessories.


Offering a range of services, you can head to BlackbitBooks if you’re looking to purchase something that falls into the media, design, print or marketing categories.

C W Sellors

If you have a lot of Bitcoin cash to splash, head over to C W Sellors and you might just find yourself a glitzy piece of jewelry, like a beautiful watch or some sparkly earrings. There’s plenty on offer.


The digital marketplace version of the real second-hand shop CeX is fully available online, and everything can be paid for using Bitcoins.


Bitcoin wallets take up a lot of space on your laptops and PCs. If you’re looking for extra data storage or a way to back any of your current data up, DataShell can help you out, and all payments can be made with Bitcoin.


The computer company, Dell, now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, so individuals should consider this when making computer-related purchases.

Girl Meets Dress

An online clothing store for women. If you’re feeling like a wardrobe makeover, Girl Meets Dress accepts Bitcoin payments.


Another site specializing in advertising, marketing, printed products and online design, InternetQ allows full Bitcoin payments for its services.

King of Shaves

Popular healthcare and grooming brand, King of Shaves, accepts Bitcoin payment on its online store.

Learn Guitar for Bitcoin

That’s right; this website allows you to buy guitar lessons of all levels for Bitcoin payments. Whether you’re a beginner or already a pro, there are lessons suitable for everyone.

Naked Runner

If it’s new sports gear you’re after, including clothes and accessories, then head over to Naked Runner’s online store, where you can buy what you need with Bitcoins.

P4D- Parcels for Delivery

P4D is a courier service. If you pay for any part of their mail service online, you can make your payment to the site using Bitcoins.


The popular video game site Retrotowers accepts payments made in Bitcoin for those looking to relive some of their younger days with awesome retro video games. Sonic the Hedgehog, anyone?

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

The RNLI charity allows people to make donations to their site using Bitcoin and also to pay for sponsorship packages etc. using Bitcoin too.

The Real Rug Company

If you’re after a new rug to make your home’s interior complete, then use up some of your Bitcoins on The Real Rug Company website- there’s plenty of variety!